Katz Silver Lawyers

Our People

John Adams commenced his career with Katz Silver Lawyers as an articled clerk for Jake Kawecki and Harry Silver in 2004. He has over 15 years’ experience as a lawyer and has been the principal of Katz Silver since 2011. His main practice areas are property and commercial law, but his approach to the profession is as a general practitioner and he consults in a wide variety of matters.

Patrick Hannan is Katz Silver’s junior lawyer and works closely with John. He was admitted to practice in 2018 and has been working at Katz Silver since, developing his practice in conveyancing, wills, probate and administration, loans and mortgages, leases and commercial law.

Serge Saubern has been practising law for over 50 years and has been with Katz Silver since the early 1990s. He is “semi-retired” but attends the office frequently to look after a small coterie of clients and give us the benefit of his extensive experience. He specialises in probate, wills, leases and property law.

Jarrad Courtney is a property clerk who assists John with most of our conveyancing matters. He is a trained lawyer with over 4 years' experience with city firms but has turned to conveyancing for a better work-life balance.

Jake Kawecki -- the principal of the practice for many years and John’s mentor -- formally retired in 2019; however, he still does consulting, and if you are an old client in need of his wisdom and counsel please contact us.

Peter and David Adams provide the administration, clerical and accounting support so necessary for a modern law practice.

We have a professional association with Michael Devola and the Devola Property Group and we handle a lot of their legal work. If you are a client of theirs, you may find yourself talking to us some stage or another.